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I´m proud and happy, because I´ve had some questions about my recepie for Smorgastarta from some english readers (one of them actually saw the link on David Lebovitzs site) Therefore I´ve translated it to english, so here we go!

In Sweden some are looking down on the ”Smörgåstårta” Why I wondered, when the other day I made ​​one for a baptism. Personally, I think ”Smörgåstårta” is the perfect  party food. It is easy to prepare in advance, you can fill it with some really good stuff in it. On top of that it´s beautiful to look at and it fits just fine with bubbly wines.

It´s best if you prepare it a day ahead, the tastes of the filling need time to merge. The decoration on the other hand, you need to do just a couple of hours before serving. This recipe me and Emma got from one of our neighbors, Roffe. It only includes shrimps (or other seafood of your choise)

An hour before serving, you have to do the fun part. Decorate! I love to decorate all kinds of cakes. I use fresh flowers, herbs and ribbons. When it comes to Smörgåstårta it’s nice if you get a little idea of what’s in it just by looking at the decoration. On this cake, I have used black and orange caviar, lemon slices, shrimps and olives. The majo helps the decoration and lettuce to stay put and just to make it extra pretty I tie a bow with a light blue silk ribbon around it all.

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